A time for JOY

The two men reflect on their personal experiences and outline what they call the eight pillars of joy. In re-reading the book, I was struck by how relevant these pillars are today as we navigate a new way of being in the world....

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Are you stayin’ alive?

The other day, a classic rock station happened to play the Bee Gee’s famous 1977 song, Stayin’ Alive. The lyrics tell the story of someone who is struggling with life, but won’t give up. He has ups and downs, but has hope and won’t abandon...

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Why can’t we all just get along?

Diversity and pluralism have informed America’s identity for generations. In these two principles, we celebrate the fullness of our humanity: the similarities as well as the differences that make us the individuals we are. Yet today we are short-changing that humanity by confusing social labels...

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What’s on your business card?

How do you present yourself to the world? Do you -- can you -- present your true self or do you present the traditional, expected "data?" -- What you do, who you work for? Here's another approach for fashioning a personal business card that asserts your...

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What’s your Dawn Wall?

This past January,Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson reached the summit of El Capitan's Dawn Wall -- a quest that included years of planning and that many considered the most challenging rock climb in the world. One of the climbers, Kevin Jorgeson said of the achievement: "I...

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What is the purpose of aging?

What do we do with ourselves when we wake up to the press of time? When one’s physical abilities to excel are largely past? When one’s chance to “be somebody” through one’s children is no longer an option? When one’s opportunity – if not root desire – to make a million bucks has slipped by?

What are we left with?