What’s your Dawn Wall?

This past January,Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson reached the summit of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall — a quest that included years of planning and that many considered the most challenging rock climb in the world.

One of the climbers, Kevin Jorgeson said of the achievement: “I hope it inspires people to find their own Dawn Wall. We’ve been working on this thing a long time, slowly and surely. I think everyone has their own secret Dawn Wall to complete one day, and maybe they can put this project in their own context.”

I think we do, too. I know I do, although, I’m not always sure what that is. No matter. What matters is waking up to the possibility that there’s a larger purpose to our lives than just getting through the day — something that takes the courage, patience, determination, grit, vision, and passion these two guys put into their climb.

Or, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe, it doesn’t matter at all; maybe, getting through the day about 30,000 times (that’s 80+ years, if you’re interested), is enough. No Dawn Walls, but lots of dawns.

What a waste of a life, but that’s just my opinion.

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  • When I was 56, and a non-biker, I took on the challenge of a charity bike road across the rockies. Actually I had not realized it started at 7,000 feet and went over 11,500 feet. I trained for just 3 weeks, learned about the right food and drink needed and bought a new bike, and then rode 700 miles, raising $7,000. This made me realize that the mind, not the body, is the limitation to overcome. Since then, at age 70, I have walked across Iceland, England and Spain (El Camino de Santiago). Next stop is the Israel National Trail in March 2018. Also I do not rush, I enjoy (and photograph) the places and the people and write poetry. Walking is a wonderful meditation for me. Check out my books at Blurb.com – search for my name, I give the proceeds to Charity.

    October 24, 2017 at 3:00 pm

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