What do you believe?

Welcome to the believing season, otherwise, known as “the Holidays.” It’s a time of year when we give ourselves permission to believe in, and be grateful for many things in our lives — a close family, dear friends, snow-driven evenings; whatever aspects of our lives mean the most to us, but which we don’t always take stock of.

That’s the romance behind what we believe and believe in and it’s wonderful.

More practically, our beliefs profoundly influence our lives — for better and for worse. What we eat, who we hang out with, how we relate to our co-workers, the choices we make everyday are shaped by our beliefs. So, what are some of yours?

In this month’s Identity Insights newsletter, I invite you to weigh on what you believe about a variety of topics, which are likely to stir emotions stretching from anger and frustration to hope and peace.

Check out the newsletter and share your beliefs about one or more items. Examples? Well, what do you believe about trust? How about Twitter? Congress? Integrity?

Finally, of all the adages about believing, perhaps, the one that’s most common is this one: I’ll believe it when I see it. In the spirit of the Holidays, permit me to offer a different take on this line: I’ll see it when I believe it.

Think about that for a while.

Happy Holidays.





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  • I believe purpose is the major contributor to human happiness.
    I believe beauty can be found in any place at any moment.
    I believe integrity is essential and too rare.
    I believe wealth, as defined in our society, is too much in the hands of too few.
    I believe trust requires integrity.

    I believe freedom is what we were born with, and while it can’t be taken away, it often is given away.

    I believe leadership is not about a title or position.

    I believe Twitter is a time suck, but can be fun and useful in moderation.

    I believe Congress is owned by the rich and powerful.
    I believe evil exists, but isn’t as common as we think it is.
    I believe good is more relative than we think, and is part of our essential nature.
    I believe I am divine, eternal and so is everyone else!

    Thanks for letting me play, Larry. xo

    December 17, 2013 at 8:53 pm

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